The Bird Man

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‘A marvellous account’ The Sunday Telegraph

‘Biography at its best – well-researched and well-written, but also blessed with a mordant sense of humour that strangely complements the cranky figure of John Gould himself’ George Plimpton

‘Isabella Tree is thoroughly versed about John Gould, and she writes a comprehensive biography, precisely worded, nicely paced, that sparkles with occasional humour.  I found it a pleasure to read’ Olin Sewall Pettingill, Jr

‘Isabella Tree’s life of John Gould is lively, anecdotal, concrete, and colourful’ History Today


‘An enjoyable and informative read…excellent’  The Spectator

‘Isabella Tree’s book is the first full-length biography of John Gould, and she tells the story well…a readable, well researched book, which fills a gap in the history of ornithology’  Times Literary Supplement

‘Thoroughly absorbing’ The New Yorker








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