Sliced Iguana

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‘Everything about Isabella Tree’s Sliced Iguana is as bright and fresh as a desert dawn.  Wide-eyed and sharp-penned, she explores not the backwater myth but a fast-evolving semi-continent… Tree mixes her erudition with ebullience.  Such a relief to meet a travel writer who actually has fun’ The Independent

‘Her talent for picking apart a country before sewing it back together is remarkable.  Brilliant, funny, gripping, sensitive.  The warmth and wit of Sliced Iguana will ensure that Mexico is never underestimated by gringos again’ The Times



‘An eccentric heroine’ Best Travel Book 2002, Marie Claire

‘An excellent, highly readable account of this huge, fascinating country.  Tree deftly intercuts her personal experience with a fluent précis of the region’s tragic past and its cultural origins.  Her readings of Mesoamerican civilisation and history are unerringly secure’ The Guardian

‘I was as hooked as if I’d been reading fiction.  The magic of Tree’s writing is that she takes us with her on the journey.  By the end of her story, I was ready to book my plane ticket’ The Traveller



‘A fine example of what travel writing can achieve when it’s done well.  With a sense of wonder and excitement [and] packed with exotica, crammed with reflections and insights, Sliced Iguana shows just how much more there is to Mexico than tequila and chillies’ The Daily Mail





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