Kashmir 1973


The Rockies 2001


Iran 1994


Isabella Tree was born in 1964 and grew up in Dorset. She began travelling as a child with her parents to Kashmir and Ladakh.

From 1988-89 she was News Editor of the Geographical Magazine and in 1991 published her first book The Bird Man, a biography of the Victorian ornithologist and illustrator John Gould.


Isabella with a Dani tribesman in Irian Jaya 1991

She began her second book Islands in the Clouds – travels in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea  while working as senior Travel Correspondent for the Evening Standard (1993-95).

Her third book Sliced Iguana, travels in Mexico was published in 2001.


Bhaktapur, Nepal 2005

In 1999 she was Overall Winner of the Travelex Travel Writers’ Awards for a feature on the Living Goddess -‘High and Mighty’- for the Sunday Times.

She began researching her subsequent book on The Living Goddess, in 2001, shortly after the massacre of Nepal’s royal family. It would take almost thirteen years to write and numerous trips back to Kathmandu, a place she first visited as a teenager in 1983.


She lives at Knepp Castle in West Sussex with her husband Charlie Burrell and two teenage children in the middle of a pioneering re-wilding project – which is the subject of her latest book due to be published by Picador in 2018.

She also writes for the Observer, The Sunday Times and National Geographic.

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